In-person worship services take place each Sunday at 9:30 am .

 The service is live-streamed and available on YouTube . 


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EMC is celebrating 100 years of God's Faithfulness

"Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations" - Psalm 90: 1. Maintaining this as our focus, celebration plans are underway. Join us!

Sunday, November 19/23 Worship Service reflecting on the early years: 1924-49. Might YOU be a descendant of a founding member? Check the handwritten archive posted in the Basement Fellowship Hall to find out!  Photo Gallery and Info

Sunday, February 11/24 Worship Service reflecting on the next 25 years: 1950-74 more info

Sunday, June 2/24 Worship Service reflecting on the next 25 years: 1975-1999

September 21-22/24 Anniversary Weekend - more info to follow.



As a congregation, we gather to worship God, to teach and nurture each other in the Anabaptist faith, with openness to the Holy Spirit's leading.

As people, we scatter to witness and to serve in ways that demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, to give hope in our community and to work for peace in our world. 

Ministry Inquiry Program

Elmira Mennonite Church’s Ministry Inquiry Program (MIP) is designed to be a summer-long learning experience requiring full-time involvement (40 hours/week) for 8-16 weeks. Applicants must have completed a year or more of undergraduate study and wish to become involved in many aspects of pastoral work and congregational life. Students learn by observing, doing, and reflecting. Pastors serve as coaches with supervision provided by the Lead Pastor. The congregation provides feedback and encouragement.  

Involvement includes worship planning and worship leading, involvement in Vacation Bible Camp, teaching, preaching, leading music, pastoral visitation, missional engagement, and community service.

For the job description and application, please contact the church office. Applications are received until March 1 for the summer of that year.



Who We Are



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Elmira Mennonite Church is led by an Executive Team comprised of a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.  This group bears responsibility for the corporation. 

Separate from the Executive Team, but reporting to it are:

Worship Team that plans regular worship services and special services.

Community Engagement Team that looks for ways to engage the church with its community locally and around the world.

Faith Formation Team that oversees Christian education for all ages.

Pastoral Care Team that provides pastoral support to the congregation in conjunction with the pastor(s).

Facilities Team that cares for all issues relating to the building and property.

Gift Discernment Team whose work it is to find the best person for each position, aligning the individual's gifts with the roles that need to be filled.


Elmira Mennonite Church

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